Socials AT Horner

Socials… memorable events filled with loud music, delicious food, and great interaction between friends. Socials are school dances that ASB hosts once in each quarter and are managed by the Events commission. Along with dancing to the music, talking to old and new friends and eating food, you can admire the decorations and take pictures for free with your friends at the photo booth where a professional photographer will take it to keep and cherish forever. If you aren’t much of a person who enjoys dancing, we also have a game room filled with many cool board games. The socials last 2 hours. For the first two socials, tickets cost $10, but for the last two, ticket prices start at $6 and increase by $1 as each day passes. However, if you a buy a gold card on Maze Day for $25, you don't have to pay for any of the socials for the rest of the year. With a gold card, you are also the first ones to enter the multi-use room where the socials are held. If you don’t have a gold card, you can buy tickets at Room 4 during lunch on the week of the social. Both grades are welcome!