Leadership is a choice you make, not a place you sit.

Hey incoming and returning Hornets, My name is Neel Panchumarthi, and I am an ASB entrepreneur commissioner in the 2019-20 school year.  This means that I maintain the horner website and sell you all your social tickets, gold cards, and other Horner Necessities. I hope to make this the best school year ever at horner and want everyone to feel at home after looking at our website.   In my free time, I enjoy playing Basketball, travelling, spending time with my family and playing with my 8 year old sister.

Hello, my name is Tejas Chinni, and I am one of the entrepreneurs for ASB. I enjoy riding my bike and do tricks at the park with my skateboard. If you have any questions on the website, feel free to let me know and I will try to help you the best I can.

Hello! I’m Brandon Lim and I’m in publicity. In this position, I hope to bring a positive attitude and an upbeat personality to the students in Horner. I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing with my dog, Chief, and reading. 

Hi, my name is Dallin and I am part of the Publicity Commission in ASB. My job is to keep you informed about all the fun events happening this school year. This year at Horner will be great!

Hi! My name is Katelyn and I am in Publicity. As a member of the Publicity commission it is my duty to inform you of the current events. I will do my best to make sure 2019 to 2020 will be an awesome year!

Hello, my name is Rahul Shah and I am excited to be in the spirit commision for the 2019-2020 ASB class. I hope my class and I can make Horner a better place than it already is for all of the students this year. Go Hornets!

Hi! My name is Marwa Ebteda and I am a part of the Spirit Commission in ASB. This year, I hope to bring positivity and fun to our school through spirit days and noon activities. I can’t wait to bring happiness and joy to everyone. I’m super excited to be in ASB this year and I know that we will make Horner a better place! :)

Hi im Vianna and im in ASB spirit! My main goal this year is to plan fun spirit days, noon activities as well as bring a lot of school spirit to Horner this year! In my spare time I dance,swim and watch netflix! Here’s to a great year Hornets!

Hello Hornets!!! My name is Aarna Patel and i’m a part of the spirit commission. My commission organizes the spirit days, noon day activities, and much more. I hope to bring you a wonderful year with amazing socials afterschool, trendy music during lunch, and beautiful posters making our school a happy environment. I am extremely happy to be in 2019-2020 ASB class and I wish you all have a memorable year!

Hi! My name is Serena and I am in this year's fundraising commission.  The fundraising commission plans and runs fundraisers to provide money for school events.  I hope that we will be able to help make your school year fun and unforgettable.

Hey! My name’s Riya Puvvada, I’m part of the Fundraising Commission and I’m super excited to be part of this year’s Horner ASB! I like to bake, dance, and take part in robotics. As a member of ASB, I’m going to do my best to raise a lot of money with my awesome commission and to make this year a very memorable one. Go Hornets! 

Hi! My name is Jeremy Yeh and I am in the Fundraising Commission in ASB. For this school year, I want to bring fun and sweets to our school through Fundraising. I hope everyone will be excited about this school year, whether you’re in ASB or not, knowing that we will make Horner a better place together!

My name is Avril Brown and I am a member of the 2019-2020 class’s fundraising commission. I am 13 years old and my biggest (and only) hobby is singing. I believe in doing what you can to make the world a better place,  and I hope to bring my best self to this years ASB class. I chose fundraising as my commission knowing that without fundraising ASB would not be able to organize events or have the influence it does, making it an essential part of ASB. I hope that as a part of the fundraising commission and a part of ASB I can learn from the people around me and become a better leader and a better person.

Hi Hornets! My name is Dillan Haran and I am very enthusiastic to be part of the Representative commision for this years ASB class. My job is to acknowledge all staff and students in Horner. Some things I like to do is to play basketball, swimming, and traveling. My goal is to keep Horner great and I hope to achieve it.

Hi! My name is Lola, and I am one of your Representatives for the 2019-2020 school year, and I am overjoyed to start this year as a part of the wonderful ASB group! Some facts about me is that I play soccer, I love to draw, travel, and cook. I’m super excited to be in this amazing group of people, and I hope to make Horner the best it can possibly be! :)

Hi I am Owen Hayward and I am a representative, my commision and I are in charge of making and delivering birthday pencils and planning teachers appreciation week. I am excited for this school year and feel I have lots of great ideas to bring to Horner this year. I will try my best to make this school year as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Hello Hornets, I'm Michelle Chan and I am part of the posters commission at ASB! I enjoy making art, playing Splatoon, Yu-gi-oh!, and cats. I look forward to making the year as amazing as it can be. Insta is @ _auraphoenix_ if you want to see cool art and some Horner-related things.

I am Parker Sun. In posters, what i hope to bring to our school, is more attention to our spirit days through eye catching posters.

Hi! I’m Alyssa and I was chosen for the Posters commission. This year I hope to bring determination, motivation, and creativity into Horner. I also hope to meet some new friends in ASB throughout the year!

Hey everyone, i’m Eunice. I am in the posters commission. I hope that I can make people laugh, and help out Horner Junior High with my posters. I look forward to working with everyone in ASB, and having a fun year.

Hello fellow Horner students my name is Jazmin Cardona and im in All-purpose. I am very much so excited to be working not just with you guys but everyone else. I am very gratefull I get to work with you guys and most importantly being in this class. I am 12 years old and a big Ariana Grande fan as much know. I am fun and could be loud some times but I am so Excited to be in the ASB class 2019-2020.

My name is Maiya Fontana and I am in the All-Purpose commission. I hope that I can help make the 2019-2020 school year fun and enjoyable for all of the Horner staff and students.

Hey Hornets! I am Sara Nabizad and I’m in the events commission and my job is to make the socials fun and successful. I like to play volleyball and basketball,dance,take photos,as well as hanging out with my friends! I’m super excited to make great memories with the class of 2019-20 and I hope to bring an exciting and memorable experience while at Horner :)

Hello Hornets, I’m Anvi Chaubal and I am so glad to have made it to the ASB Events Commission this year. I hope to make this a memorable year for everyone with my abilities in planning the events and doing the best I can to make this year special. After all, you only go to middle school once (I hope)!

Hello, my name is Shyla Garg. The commission I was given was events. My goal for this year's ASB is to encourage others to become leaders and help them communicate with one another, as well as making this year fun and enjoyable at the same time.

My name is Caleb and i’m in 8th grade. I am in the sports commission for ASB. Some of my past times i enjoy are basketball, playing with my dogs, and eating.