Sweeping up the dust

Time goes by fast doesn’t it? 3 whole Quarters are over faster than the blink of an eye. Tests have been taken, homework finished, and people have moved all in the churning waves of time. The last social is coming up pretty fast, Finishing up this school year’s Social quota. You should buy a ticket to experience the feeling of going to one, dancing with your friends, taking photos, eating pizza, playing board games, and more fun! It is the last opportunity to have a dance blast with your friends so you might not want to miss it. Grind just a little more, get all those A’s and raise your G.P.A. since the end of the school is in sight, and summer vacation is only 2 months away. Keep pushing Hornets, and take your long-deserved break after the school year is over. Have a green spring break and stay strong Hornets! WHOO-HOOOO!