Don't stop Beleafing!

OH! Wasn’t that a good pun! Oh yes! Spring is in full spring, and to celebrate, we are having ONE WHOLE WEEK OFF! SPRING BREAK , HERE I COME! CANNONBALL! Ok.I’ve calmed down now. That’s better. Whew. SO, Hornets, Spring Break is coming up. Any plans? (reply in comment section). Personally, I plan to take a week off to myself, filled with fun (with a few Study sessions in between. Ok not a few, a lot. Don’t judge.). My advice to you is to relax yourself so you can relieve stress because SBAC’s are coming up, and you need to prepare (also, there is a petting Zoo coming up, on May 2 if I am not mistaken). Relieve your stress now, because after, there will be breaks few and far until SUMMER VACATION! Relax yourself, and Bake it easy, Find your inner Peas, and remember that nothing else mattress (forgive the bad puns, I wanted to add a little humor).