Hippy New year!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and have a Hippy new year Hornets. How was your Winter Break? Mine was great! If you had bad a winter break, don’t tell anyone, but I nearly died in a flash flood . One Semester is almost done,and many students are threatening to break under the pressure. Hold on tight, its almost over. Study hard, ace those final assignments, and cruise into Quarter 3 on a wave of A’s. Have an absolutely Hippy New Year Hornets!

Almost there!

Only one week left until Winter Break and… FREEDOM!!! Come on Hornets! push through, and overcome the last few obstacles. 5 more days…and then you have 2 weeks to have fun, so come on! Did you make any New Year Resolutions yet? Psst. Don’t tell anyone but I didn’t Can you believe it is almost the new year? And then it is bye bye 2018, and hello 2019. What changes do you think the new year will bring?

Holiday Cheer!

Hey Hornets, how is life going for you? Today is the day of the winter social! Let the holiday cheer begin! only one more week left until Winter break am I right? There is only 1 more obstacle to pass. Just do well on the Benchmarks, and a relaxing Winter Break is guaranteed! Remember to dress up on Tuesday to get a Spirit Ticket! Have no fear, show your Holiday Cheer! Ho Ho Have a Merry Christmas, to you from all of us here at ASB!

Lets catch up, shall we?

Hey Hornets! How are you guys doing? Wasn’t Thanksgiving break incredible? A whole week offm plus the fact that school was cancelled Friday! Epic if you ask me. Coming up soon is the Winter Wonderland Social. It is a winter themed social, which is going to be packed with tons of fun. The 2nd semester is almost here, can you believe it? Well, we hope you are doing well (Us, ASB), and That you are having a fantabulous time here. Also, the canned food drive is almost over, so show your christmas spirit by donating cans which go to the needy. Thank you and have a merry Christmas Hornets!

Happy Halloween!

Boo! That scared you, didn’t it? Mwhahahahahahaha! How was your halloween? Did you got trick or treatiing or scare lots of people? I know I did! So, how’s life Hornets? Is school going well? We hope it is. Wasn’t it fun on Wednesday? Looking at all those cool costumes (in my opinion, the Doctor Strange one was the best homemade one.) And even better then that, Thanksgiving break is coming soon! Have a fantabulous day Hornets!

Red Ribbon week and boo grams

Hey Hornets! Are you enjoying red ribbon week so far? We all hope you are. Remember to dress up for the spirit days such as Pink day which comes up tomorrow. Remember to dress up as red or pink to honor those with breast cancer. Also coming up is Halloween. Remember to buy boo grams for your friends! Just $1 for a special note, and a lot of candy (a pack of skittles, a lot of airheads, and some dum dums.) Cheap price for a great deal. Remember to dress up on Halloween to show your Halloween spirit to receive a spirit ticket. There will also be a spoooky Halloween costume contest during lunch.Come check it out! Have a spooky week Hornets!

First Month of School

Time flies by! Already one month of school has passed; can you believe it? All of those assignments you aced, all the friends you made, and all the fun you had during this month has really lightened you up for school, right? We hope so. For the seventh graders, how has your first month of Horner gone? For the 8th graders, do you like this year more than last year? Was it fun? How do you think the rest of the school year will be like?

The First Social

Food, music, and a whole bunch of memories. This is the ultimate celebration after a long and hard first month of school. With all of its space puns and decorations, this social was the eventual definition of space. It made memories that will last a lifetime. We are looking forward to the next three socials, and we hope you had a great time!

Second week of school

Hi Horner students, How's your 2nd week of school going? So far its been a great school year for us. Last week's Friday was pretty fun am I right? There are going to be a lot more of those coming up. Remember to dress up in red, white, and blue for our upcoming spirit day, (the first of the year), on 9/11 to honor those who dies in the twin towers. Have a great day Hornets!