Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello Hornets! Hope you had a wonderful break! Behind all the fun is actually a very symbolic meaning. Thanksgiving is the expression of gratitude and thanks. However, a much deeper connection with America's lineage. When the pilgrims landed in Plymouth, they met many Native Indians that taught them the ways to survive in the wilderness. However, they asked for something in return. Using the Pilgrim's advanced weaponry and support, the Indian tribe completely devastated their enemies that rallied against them. thanksgiving was the feast that both parties had to commemorate their victoryand solidify their alliance. 


The Halloween costume contest was a blast! It was exciting to see everyone's unique and creative costumes. The categories were: funniest, cutest, scariest, most creative, best boy, best girl, and best group costume. It's a joy to know Horner has so much variation, even in things as simple as costumes. Congratulations to all winners! What were you for Halloween? (to comment click on the title)


How to describe it? The thrill of being at a Horner social. Colorful posters and exhilarating music flood your senses. You are compelled to get on the dance floor. Red banners and colorful lights emulate the spirit of a real red carpet.  On October 6, the first Horner social of the year landed with a BANG! 13 out of 15 students stated that this social was the best school event that they have ever been to.  With over 500 attendees, this social truly knocked the ball out of the park. The social marks a historical landmark in the history of Horner Jr. High and will forever be remembered by the students. Students long for the next social and ASB will not disappoint! What are your thoughts about the social? (To comment, click on the title)